Thank you for supporting Season 1 of Damaged

So I just wanted to say a “quick” thank you to everyone who made Season 1 of Damaged possible. I thought of the idea over 4 years ago, turned it into a pilot and then turned that into a web series and it’s been a long, exhausting, exciting, challenging road that I could not have done without sooooo many people. SO thank you to some of my early supporters, Jim Oliver, Adam Record and TJ Del Reno. My original animators Grant Lindahl & Ben Luce. All my animators throughout the season Tyler Naugle, Pre Raphaelite, Ingrida Pleiryte and Craig Yamamoto. My sister, Emily Miele who wrote and sang the theme song and DanMichael Reyes for doing eps 11 & 12 soundtracks & Dave Steffey for doing a lot of the VO recording and editing. All the people that lent their time and voice to my characters: RG Daniels, Jermaine Fowler, Joe Machi, Ted Alexandro, Carole Montgomery, DC Benny, Keith Malley, Chemda Katg, Lauren Hennessy, Hari Kondabolu, Maz Jobrani Chris Lamberth, Sam Miele, Josh Kuderna, Corey Reppond, W. Tre Davis, Dean Edwards, Carmen Lynch, Adrienne Iapalucci Fred Seibert & Rob Cantrell. Thank you to everyone at Channel Frederator, Jerry Beck, Linda and Danya @ ASIFA, Amid and C. Edwards @ Cartoon Brew, Julie Seabaugh, Keith and the Girl, Mike Sgroi and everyone else that helped support and spread the word about the show and to my Executive Producers Terry Freda and James Scott Blanton and everyone who gave to the kickstarter, watched, shared and subcribed to the show. It truly means a lot. Sorry this is long but it really takes a village to lose money making a web series. MAD LOVE!! xo